A Breath of Fresh Air: 5 Fast Tips to Spring Forward in Your Home Decor

by Melanie, March 20, 2013

Open up your windows at dinnertime (it’s now light enough outside to see) and take a deep, full breath. Smell that?  A hint of spring is in the air!  Feels good, doesn’t it?  While we wait for the great weather (and the early morning light) to arrive, here are five fast ways to bring a breath of fresh, spring air into your home:

1)  Spring Forward:  Start with a cheery front hall or entry to put your best foot forward each day.

House & Home
Tobi Fairley Home

A bright light fixture (above) and rug (below) provide a cheery welcome to your guests.

Dash & Albert

2)  Put Winter in it’s Place:  Stow away those thick, cozy blankets and heavy drapes and bring out bright pops of spring color with bedding, accent chairs, pillows or curtains that make you smile.

Room by Whittington Design Studio

Room by Whittington Design Studio

I want to put the sectional here

Dransfield & Ross
Global Views
3)  Declutter:  Nothing says renewal like clearing away clutter.  Zero in on the hot spots in your home where everybody dumps their junk.  Pitch what you can and use fun, colorful organizing tools to keep the rest looking fresh.

Jonathan Adler
C. Wonder
House & Home
4)  Color on Your Walls:  Art always makes us happy.  Not everybody can afford to have a rotating collection of original artwork for every season, but a piece or two in stand-out colors will make a world of difference inside your home while you wait for the flowers to bloom outside.

Desire to Inspire
Style by Emily Henderson
Room by Whittington Design Studio

5)  Bring the Outside In:  It may still be a little chilly for cocktails on a great porch like this one we found on Desire to Inspire:

Desire to Inspire

You can bide your time with a flowering terrarium or cut flowers in a colorful vase.


So go ahead and freshen up your home for spring and your attitude will be as bright as the growing daylight.

Do it!

p.s.  Like bright pops of color in your home and artwork?  Check out this month’s Architectural Digest for a look at designer Jamie Drake’s amazing New York City apartment.

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