Day 16: House of Cards

by Melanie, December 16, 2013
Each day of December the mailbox is stuffed with more holiday cards from friends and family.  We love getting these annual missives and tend to toss ours in a pretty bowl in the front hall — by far the easiest of display options.  And each day a new favorite floats to the top, whether it’s the freshest delivery from USPS or someone in the house who is boosting their besties.  But what do you do if your family can’t agree on a daily favorite for the top of the bowl?  Display them all of course!  Here are five fun alternatives to the bowl of cards:
1)  The Garland:
Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart
2.  The Wreath:

Martha Stewart
These are photos but they could easily be cards!
3.  The Frame Up:
House & Home
4.  The Statement Structure:
Midwest Living
BHG is showing the tree, but it’s the louvered-door-as-card-display that caught our eye.

5.  The Tree:

Via Bob Vila
Midwest Living
So go ahead and show off your friends and family with these great holiday card displays.

Do it!

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