Day 17: Mantles

by Melanie, December 17, 2013
Decking the holiday mantle seems to be an annual challenge.  Whether you embellish your usual mantle decor or swap out the entire set up from artwork to accessories, the trick — just like with the Christmas tree — is to keep it color-coordinated and cohesive.  Still struggling to get your mantle display just right?  Here are some ideas to inspire your efforts:
1)  Hang up some seasonal art:
Casa Sugar
The Yellow Cape Cod
2)  Embellish existing designs with holiday shimmer:

Urban Comfort
3)  Display the recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables:
Southern Living

4)  Make a nest for the birds:

5)  Post holiday greetings:
Granted, this is not a mantle picture but you get the idea…
Iron and Twine
6)  Look to the stars:


7)  Light it up:

A Thoughtful Eye
8)  Create a color-coordinated ornament garland:

House & Home
9)  You can even play dress up with your existing accessories:
Do it!

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