Day 18: Creative Gift Wrap

by Melanie, December 18, 2014

Some of us still have a lot of shopping to do…but for those of you who have finished it’s time to start wrapping.  Since you are so organized (said in our most envious tone), you even have time to get crafty with the wrap.   Here are some clever ideas — many of which are our favorites from a UK blog that Kate discovered called Style My Party (check out the link for even more ideas).

Shrink a favorite sweater by accident?  No problem!
Boxwood Clippings via Style My Party
Little Empty Room
via Rustic Crafts
House & Home
Little Empty Room
Man Made DIY

This is a great way to use up those odd strips of paper we always seem to have leftover:

33 Shades of Green
And how about this clever idea for oddly shaped gifts?

Oh Joy!

Happy wrapping!

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