Day Two at High Point Market

by Lisa, May 1, 2015

Some of our favorites from our second day scouring showroom floors for fabulousness….

Chichester Showroom

Our favorite showroom of the day was Julian Chichester. Their new Colourist Collection is beautiful in person and available in any color.

Chichester Colourist Collectdion


Gorgeous art at Emporium Home.

Dransefield & Ross

Mel falls in love with a Dransefield and Ross pillow every year.

Bernhardt Chair


A Bernhardt chair with a sexy back.

Wendover Art 1


Good dog! Wendover Art.




Wendover Art 2


More good Wendover Art.

Chandra Rug


Fun rug from Chandra – our last stop of the day and home to the nicest showroom staff (even though it was closing time).

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