From Copenhagen, With Love

by Melanie, February 15, 2013

As promised, we bring you things to love in Copenhagen, courtesy of our former colleague Christen who introduced her pictures with all sorts of caveats about how her little apartment is filled with flaws and visual contradictions.  We think it is awesome, just like her.

“Living in Denmark has both influenced me and made me even more sentimental about the things I love,” says Christen.   “Here goes…”

“My kitchen is modern and sleek and I am growing to love the design more and more. American visitors refer to it as ‘very Ikea’ but I am quick to defend Scandinavian modern design as a dignified art form that has influenced modernism for over a century.  Ikea was kind enough to bring its influence to a budget conscious buyer but the master technique of luxury and efficiency are the norm over here, from all manufacturers.  I especially love that my microwave, glasses, plates and pantry are all hidden behind glossy cabinets. It makes the kitchen easy to keep clean! The heated slate floors are both a luxury and a necessity for most of the year.”

“My favorite thing about our living room is that it is comfortable and personal.  My Lazar sofa is getting better with age and the Vanguard ottoman has proven to be extremely resilient with a 2-year-old.  My cozy Brink and Capman rug was love at first sight ever since our rep showed us the new line from Masland.”

“My mostly homemade frame collection showcases some of the beautiful pictures taken by the talented Julie Monticello.   The frame collection is a bit haphazardly placed, I admit.  It was a ten minute quick fix in advance of a dinner party and a year later, it is still up.  So much I still want to do!”

“Only a few weeks after moving to Copenhagen, my husband and I were out exploring. William spotted this antique piano hand-carved by the Danish piano maker as a gift for his daughter. We made the decision to purchase it in less than three minutes and I know we will love it forever.  Check out the built in candle sticks and carving detail!”

“This a retouch of Pennsylvania House chests that I purchased while working at Whittington Design.  The frames were heavier metal so I spray painted them in white lacquer. My plan is to replace the hardware with leather straps but that hasn’t happened yet. I love the way it looks in my head… The windows in the bedroom overlook the street from the ground floor and aren’t symmetrical with the furniture placement so I covered the wall with a king size duvet on sale from West Elm.  It blocks the cold Nordic wind from the windows and disguises the eyesore.  I love the coziness of the room now.”

“And most beloved of all…. The coo coo clock.  My husband and I have lusted over Swiss clocks since traveling there together in 2006 so we were thrilled when my grandmother passed their family clock down to us.”

“The message frames from Sugar Boo Designs made me tear up the first time I saw them at market (probably because I was 8 months pregnant).  This one was was by far my favorite and the Whittington girls gave it to me as a baby gift.  I’ll keep it in my daughter’s room as long as she lets me.”

What’s not to love about this cozy apartment in Copenhagen?  We need to go visit soon.

Let’s do it!

P.S.  Speaking of most beloved, check out cute baby Lowen all bundled up for a bicycle ride on the snowy streets of Copenhagen.

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