Got Clutter?

by Melanie, September 13, 2013

It’s great to have the kids back in school and the fall schedule kick in to gear, but the backpacks and permission slips and soccer cleats and dance shoes spilling out all over the house are another story entirely.

Got clutter?  Here are some great entry and mudroom ideas to get all that family flotsam under control.

Hang it up:  The easiest and quickest of fixes, installing hooks by the door won’t guarantee jackets get hung up but it will certainly increase your odds.

Photo:  Shelterness
Photo:  House & Home

If you have little kids, put the hooks down at their level where they can’t miss.

Photo:  HGTV

Have a seat.  Benches are a great addition to any entry or mudroom space — we all need a spot to tie one on (or two, in the case of shoes)!

Whittington Design Studio
Photo: Shelterness

Stow it.  You may still be doing all the cleanup but cubbies, cabinetry, baskets and bins will help things get in their proper place.  They can add personality to the space as well.

Photo:  Shelterness 
Photo:  Pinterest
Photo:  Shelterness

Hide it.  Anybody who has ever had a teenager knows that sometimes your best option is to close the door and walk away.  We love these sliding barn doors and enclosed cabinetry options.

Photo:  HGTV
Photo:  Houzz
Ikea PAX cabinetry and a closed console hide the homework paper and
sporting gear of three active boys.
Whittington Design Studio
Cool industrial lockers in this space!
Photo:  Houzz
This entryway conceals clutter and the laundry!
Photo:  HGTV 2012 Green Home
Photo:  Shelterness
Photo:  Apartment Therapy
Don’t have a mudroom?  You can squeeze the same functionality into other spaces.

Cubbies, hooks and a bench are tucked by the back door of this modern family play space.
Whittington Design Studio
Photo:  Drooz Studio

These mudrooms are for the dogs!

Photo:  Shelterness
Photo:  House and Home
So go ahead and enter into fall with a clutter-free entry or mudroom space.  Your kids may not thank you for it, but you will be able to get out the door without tripping!

Do it!

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