Love is in the Chair (or the table, or the couch)

by Melanie, February 14, 2014

Today is all about love.  Valentine’s Day is sweet and all, but frankly we’d just as soon skip the lace hearts and over-priced flowers in favor of something that really makes our hearts go pitter patter.

Such as…

Mel’s Current Crushes

Made Goods Ivy Nesting Table
John Robshaw Textiles
Algiers Indigo
Kravet Highbridge Sectional

Angie is Sweet On Priley Lane (ssshhh, don’t tell her husband)

Priley Lane Spring Side Table in Flamingo Skin
Mott Dresser
Hancock Coffee Table
Things That Make Kate’s Heart Beat Faster
Vanguard Sierra Cocktail Table
Jessica Charles Metro Bar Stool
Caracole What’s New Pussycat Chair

Don’t they make a cute couple?

Whittington Design Studio does High Point Market, April 2012
Send us a Valentine comment and tell us:  what are you loving this Valentine’s Day?

Do it!

P.S. Sometimes you find a true love that you just can’t imagine life without.  Here’s Kate’s:

Kate’s Heart “Beets” For this Smoothie.
Here’s her recipe:

My grandma always says a true cook doesn’t follow a recipe or measure anything…
2 whole carrots, diced
Handful of…frozen blackberries, cranberries,& flaxseed
2 handfuls of spinach & steel cut oats
3 sliced beets & peaches
Pinch of vanilla bean truffle salt
Once everything is in the blender, cover with almond milk & blend 
Garnish with coconut flakes 


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