Need Anything from the Market?

by Melanie, April 18, 2013

We’re headed to the market and we’re not buying food! 
This weekend is the start of the High Point Spring Market – the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world.  All of our favorite vendors will debut their new lines and we’ll be collecting so many samples and catalogues that we each pull a rolling bag behind us.

It’s go, go, go but this is definitely our favorite design industry event, by far.  We are like kids in the candy store and Mel, in particular, is unstoppable!
So if you need a new light fixture or rug or sofa — now is the time to tell us.  There are about 11.5 million square miles of showroom space and we try our best to channel serious super powers to cover as much as possible.  All the best stuff is there so odds are good we’ll find whatever it is you are looking for!
So go ahead and post a comment or send us a photo of the space you are shopping for and we’ll be on the prowl.
And we’ll be posting new favorite finds every day, so follow the blog to see what’s new in interior design this spring.
Do it!

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