Party like its…1929?

by Melanie, March 12, 2012

Nostalgia has taken over Hollywood – from Mad Men to Downton Abbey to this year’s Oscar winners – the overwhelming entertainment trend has been to revisit (and glorify) the past. When it comes to real life, there is no question that vintage can be cool.

Like the vintage vibe the Papa Bear Chair by Hans Wegner adds to this Bridgehampton beach house. Or the classic sleek lines of an arc lamp in this modern interior. Or don’t these retro bath fixtures look so fresh with this modern color scheme?

But some things from the past should stay where we left them.
No offense to grandma, but we don’t get too excited about frilly, dainty stuff. 
There is something our grandmothers did that we are nostalgic for, however:  Invitations.  Real ones.  On nice paper.  Delivered by the mail carrier.  Discovered in your mailbox after a long day at work. 
So very old school.
Can you remember the days before Evite when you were excited to find a colorful envelope or heavy, engraved cardstock in the mail?  You opened it with anticipation, checked your calendar and planned your outfit, blissfully unaware of who else would be at the party, whether or not your neighbor landed a sitter or who was bringing the spinach dip. 
Real invitations are so personal.  Somebody actually takes the time to pick a style or theme, write your name, lick a stamp (speaking of old school).  A real invitation is like a gift.
Those were the days my friends.  Let’s bring them back!  Add a little class to your next party with invitations like these:
St. Patrick’s Day parties don’t have to be about shamrocks.  Celebrate spring by going green for your next party invitation….
Color in your next party with a riff on these Indian Pattern Letterpress Wedding Invitations.  Combine bright colors with a global graphic for a fresh, exciting look that says it’s time to party.
And if you really want to pay homage to grandma – skip the frilly lamps and have yourself a tea party!

If you have children, you might feel like you only throw kids birthday parties. Well, those can be thoughtful and chic too. We love this one

And here are some fun “Just Because” invites

So go ahead and party like it’s 1929, or 1969, or anytime before Evite was born. 
And invite your grandma.

Do it!
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