Patriotism is Cool

by Melanie, July 3, 2012

One of the over-the-top design ideas we saw at market this past spring was a couch upholstered to look like the Union Jack.

We salute the spirit, but unless you are living in the White House or Number 10 Downing Street, we suspect you might grow weary of a flag couch.  That said, patriotic inspiration in your design can still be cool.  Red, white and blue are time-tested colors that can fit with every design style.  In honor of our nation’s birthday, three cheers for the red, white and blue!


This dining area manages to mix a blue and white striped carpet and bright red chairs without requiring you to stand up and salute.

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Crisp and sophisticated but not at all boring. There is a reason why blue and is one of our favorite colors.

Photo source here.
Photo:  Coastal Living

We love the way the bold horizontal stripes on the chair and rug add pizzaz to this room.

How about a classic American room for your classic American kid?

Photo source here.
The red and white toile wallpaper adds a great edge to the museum quality of this collection, but the wood column, twiggy lamp and modern chair keep the look balanced.
Photo source here.
Of course there are many good reasons to hang an American flag inside your home. We say go for it, but skip the couch upholstery and allow Old Glory to star in her natural state of splendor.

Photo source here.

White on white allows the flag to be the star of this show.

Photo source here.

We love the dramatic emphasis the vintage flag creates in this rustic space.

And speaking of cool, we plan to cool down our Fourth of July picnic with some delicious “poptails”

Go ahead — celebrate your freedoms and introduce some red, white and blue in your
home.   Red, white and blue are always in style and patriotism will always be cool.

Do it!

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