Ready or Not, Here They Come: 10 Tips for Fluffing the Guest Room

by Melanie, November 24, 2014

It’s too late to make over the guest room by Thanksgiving but there is still a lot you can do to make your guests feel welcome in your home.  Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks:

1.  Fresh Flowers.  This one is a no brainer.  Everybody loves them and they make the room feel fresh and lively.  Do it.  (For Christmas guests, you might even consider a mini tree and some ornaments of their own).

Whittington Design Studio
2.  Cozy Bedding & Throws.  Layer on the bedding for style and make sure to include a cozy throw for nap time.

Whittington Design Studio

3.  A Place for Everything.  Do you really want well-traveled luggage dragged across the top of your beautiful bedding?  Your guests don’t either.  Give them a spot to unpack their suitcase and clean out some closet and drawer space too.  Don’t forget empty hangers in the closet!

Serena & Lily
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4.  Writing & Reading Materials (and a spot to use them).  A notepad and pen is always handy, whether your guest wants to keep track of the relatives around the dining table or make a note of the perfect thank you gift for their host.  A guest book is also a fun touch.  Local periodicals are a great way to give your guests a sense of place.  Pretty photo books or a best selling novel are solid options for winding down before nap time.  At Christmas, consider adding a small basket of wrapping supplies.

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5.  Toiletries.  You know how you never have to worry about forgotten soap or shampoo when you stay at a hotel?  Make it true at your house too.  Always leave a drawer or basket filled with fresh, unopened toiletries for your guests — including soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and tooth paste.  Bonus points for fancy lotions or stress-relieving bubble bath.

6.  Scented Candles.  A warm and welcoming scent brightens the spirit and makes the space feel more cozy.
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7.  Electronics Guide.  Print up a pretty card with your WiFi access – maybe even make a QR code and put it in a frame.  Have a guest room TV?  Leave remote instructions easily accessible too.

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8.  Personal Touches.  Remind your guest that they are a part of the extended family — frame a photo with them as the star and place it on the bedside table or dresser.   (We keep the previous guest’s photos stacked in the top dresser drawer as a little visual guest book).

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Know your guests favorite late night snack?  Tuck a few wrapped favorites into a basket or box and leave it on the nightstand.  We love this bar cart transformed into a guest room snack cart (if space allows)…

A Beautiful Mess
9.  Water.  Everybody needs to stay hydrated, especially during holiday festivities.  If you don’t have space for a whole bar cart full of imported mineral water, find a spot to include a bottle or two.  You can set up an ice bucket with bottled water or leave a stylish carafe and glass on the nightstand.

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10.  Time.  Sure everyone has a smart phone these days, but it’s a nice touch to have a clock in the room just the same.  And if you have a schedule of events during their visit, it’s a good idea to leave a copy in the room so your guests know where they need to be and when.

Simon Pearce Glass Clocks
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And speaking of time, the best way to welcome your guests to your home is to give them the gift of your time.  The more organized you are before they arrive, the easier that will be.

So roll out the welcome mat, throw open the front door and have a very happy Thanksgiving!

p.s.  Speaking of time, it never hurts to leave a subtle hint or two either…..

Guest Book
Blue Sky Papers

And this article is a good laugh pre-hosting:  Please, Make Yourself At Home While I Silently Count Down The Seconds Until You Leave, The Onion

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