Sitting Pretty

by Melanie, May 10, 2012

Sitting Pretty
At the end of April, we headed to High Point Market in North Carolina.  We logged many showroom miles and discovered great finds to share with our clients in the coming months.
One trend that continues to be popular is the stylized wing chair or exaggerated high back chair.  We saw them EVERYWHERE and in lots of fun variations. 
Kate can do just about everything, including modeling, so here she is sitting pretty in some of our favorites…

Love the dramatic back on this mid-century modern number,
a take on the classic Papa Bear chair
Hello velvet, hello glamorous! 
Nailed it!  (But what is she holding?)

This stylized Porter chair makes a throne fit for a king or queen.

Cool color and shape!

Wait, where’s Kate?

Market is definitely exhausting!

But hey, we had fun!
Dramatic accent chairs can really jazz up your room, so it makes sense to consider a stylyized high back chair for your next purchase (except maybe this last one).
Do it!

P.S.  You need serious (and sassy) luggage to bring home all those new trade books and fabric samples!  Give us a call to be among the first to see what we put in our red bags!
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