This Little Design Team Goes To Market

by Melanie, April 2, 2014

It’s that time of year….High Point Market gets under way this weekend and we’re packing up our rolling bags and heading South at the crack-o-dawn on Saturday.

High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world and if you are as passionate about design as we are, it’s a must-visit destination.  All of our favorite vendors will debut their new lines and we’ll be oggling so much design goodness that our heads may actually explode.  And our feet too — we’re talking about miles and miles and miles of showroom floors (this is a really good time to wear a Fitbit or UP band).  We rally the team for market trips so we can have as many eyeballs on product as possible.  And we go, go go.

Want a taste of what the Market buzz is all about?  Here is a trip down our High Point memory lane, including some of our tools and tricks for surviving market over recent years:

1)  First and foremost, we bring a keen eye for products that will please our clients:  We pack our rolling bags full of architectural plans, room shots and wish lists for our clients, but truthfully, Mel’s brain carries more precise details regarding client homes than any rolling bag can handle — and she always has her eyes open for products that will please:

Mel gives a pillow the once-over at the 2013 Spring Market.

2)  We carry a fully-charged smart device at all times to keep up with our clients — even while we are hanging at the Vanguard rooftop party.  Get your tweets live from market here!

Judy is all business — armed and ready to make some deals at the next showroom while the rest of us…
…enjoy a quick break and a refreshing beverage!
Spring 2012 Market
3)  We wear sensible shoes — did we mention we cover A LOT of miles?

Even in sensible shoes, April needs a rest!
Spring 2011 Market

4)  We get a lift whenever we can.

Catching a Halo Pedicab
Spring 2011 Market

5) And we get some rest (and maybe another refreshment) wherever we can find it.

6)  We fight hard for the best products for our clients.

Seriously folks, we’ll go to the mat for you!
Halo Vintage Boxing Gloves

7) We can always use spare hands.  We carry a lot of stuff with us!

8)  And speaking of carrying, we bring a really big truck (for the cash and carry bargains we find).

This is what the truck looks like before we get to market….

Maybe it’s the occasional refreshments, but sometimes when we are at market we have a tendency to get carried away…

Catching a magic carpet ride with Aladdin courtesy of Cyan Design
Spring 2013 Market

We always have a lot of fun!

There is a client out there for every style — even if we haven’t met them yet!
Spring 2012 Market

Sadly, we can’t take all of you with us — wouldn’t that be a party — but you can join us virtually and follow along with our market adventures on Facebook, Twitter or right here on our blog.

So go ahead and join us on this wild ride called High Point Spring Market.

Do it!

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