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by Melanie, February 17, 2011
It’s that time of year everyone dreads…spring cleaning! We’re having a major office clean-up tomorrow which served as inspiration for this week’s blog post. Cleaning is so much easier when you have a place to put everything! Whether you’re a busy mother of 3, have roommates, a husband or live by yourself, you know it’s difficult to hide the little stuff that junks up your place. The key to a clean house is to have a junk drawer (or more realistically, an entire room), so we’ve been hunting for the best storage solutions to give all that junk a home without sacrificing your style.

We all tend to just drop everything as soon as we walk in the door. Mudrooms and back doorways end up being the junk room because of a lack of organizational space. Hooks, baskets, and storage benches are all really easy solutions for your clutter dilemmas. Here are some tips for easy ways to hide clutter that are both functional and stylish.

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens
Here is an example of how a standard mudroom can be transformed into a cozy nook with plenty of storage. This is actually a coffee table and with chair cushions on top. Toys, shoes, gloves, etc can be stowed away in the large woven basket and smaller items can be hidden (and easily found) in the table drawers.
Here is another example of an entrance nook. Hooks are perfect for scarves and coats and you can throw mail, gloves and hats into the baskets above.
Photo: Canadian House & Home
This is a great storage piece for a house full of kids because it has a spot for everything! A message board, large storage baskets, small storage baskets and hooks will keep you organized (and sane) on the busiest of days.

Hanging storage units work really well too. We love this one from DK Living because of the rustic wire baskets.

How awesome are these hanging wall organizers from Aidan Gray?? They look sleek on the wall and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can definitely find the perfect combination to tackle all of your stuff! They are ideal for hanging beside an entrance, mudroom or even in a home office.

The “magazine” holder is our favorite! Everyone at the office loves to hang on to magazines after they read them, we just don’t have anywhere to put them!

This is a great storage bench for beside a backdoor or in a mudroom because it looks cool and rustic and is actually extremely functional. Just add a few colorful pillows and you will be set.

If clutter always tends to spills over into your family room, think about investing in a storage ottoman. Games, blankets and random toys can be tucked away for an easy clean up. For extra durability, try upholstering a storage ottoman in a colorful leather like these from Design Tex. A splash of blue, green or orange will add a fun and energetic element to your family room.
Blue Bonnet



This wire storage ottoman is so cool! It’s perfect for stacking books and magazines in your family room. Try it with a funky tray on top to create a unique look.

An alternative to a storage ottoman or cocktail table is a vintage-inspired trunk. We love the linen and leather contrast of this trunk and how it gives off a slightly preppy vibe.

These storage crates are great for anything and everything. Try them anywhere in your house!

We love the casters on this crate for convenient mobility.
There are great for files and books in a home office too. Look how cute they are with the metal hanging organizers!

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